First Blog Post

UDDI Services

Another Snowboarding Season Comes to an End

Slashdot | Do Programming Languages Affect Your...

I just completed the latest Microsoft Beta...

The hard drive of my daily used...

Microsoft has released a sample of Direct...

I had a nice surprise today. My...

So the new e-mail feature of BLogger...

As some of you have already heard,...

I just discovered an interesting web site,...

I really hate doing taxes.

Security in a Web Services World: A...

What UDDI is not? It is not...

ZDNet: Tech Update: Enterprise Applications / IBM...

Just when you thought swing technology could...

Over the years, I have read a...

Bahahahaha…being new to CVS, I really enjoyed...

Nice and quiet in New York City...

System.Xml.Serialization namespace in .NET totally kicks ass....

It is always nice to test betaware....

After a few days off working on...

For those wondering, there was an explosion...

After being grounded in New York for...

Not like anyone really cares, but I...

Congratulations to my sister Renay and her...

I am once again trying to e-mail...

I’m back from Jamaica and Memphis and...

After spending the last few hours trying...

This weekend’s geek out weekend involved setting...

I have been slacking on the weblog...

Ever feel stupid? Well I do right...

Cool! This eWeek article 2002 A Model...

The correct answer to any architectural question...

More news about Accenture’s new Web Service...

How many works can a person work...

Haha! Finally I am on the top...

Melanie and I just returned from East...

I have to admit .NET makes coding...

“On the road again. I can’t wait...

Interesting article on eWeek…Web Services Security: A...

I now have an open source project...

Last week while playing with Microsoft UDDI...

Congratulations to Brooke Davis for winning the...

My friend Dave sent me this…Are you...

I got so busted today by my...

The home page for Photo Room is...

I just posted many more pictures in...

More photo albums posted…

How stupid is this? PwC Consulting to...

Pessimistic locking approach for version control is...

I don’t know about you but this...

Woo-hoo! I passed the Microsoft Beta Exam...

It’s funny how easy it is to...

Found interesting community web site called Advogato,...

Web server controls technology in ASP.NET is...

“That’s a wrap!” Today’s film shoot was...

Sometimes I think I live on one...

Here I go again

NYC Bloggers

RSS feed

Melanie is the best!

Microsoft C# Beta Exam 71-320

More on C# Exam 71-320

Overworked and tired of it!

Manhattan fire

PVCS Version Manager - Version Control Software

Thoughts before my first 5K run through Central Park


Finished my first 5K run through Central Park is down

My latest injury

Datalust rules St. Louis is back online is running ASP.NET

35 hour work week is possible

Heading to the Green Mountain state

Back from Vermont

Snowboarding to Nirvana

Death in the family - flying to Memphis today

Another C# beta completed

Goodbye to Dot-Dot

Software development is about making the end user's life easier.

John Waters on Broadway

Quote of the day

Who turned off the lights

xsd.exe does not support import

UDDI as a directory of RSS feeds

A year ago today

Fetish night in Chicago

Here I come Baltimore

Back from Baltimore

Favorite feature: Visual Studio.NET Database Project

Favorite feature: XML Serialization is all new

Congratulation to me.

thecave at home is back up

thecave at home is down

Back from The Cape

Favorite feature of the day: Installer class

CVS at

New pictures posted at

They will fire me if I pee one more time today.

Could have used a .reg registry import file

Open VS.NET Command Window Here

The Company - 2003


Kirby comes to TV

Recommended management books for techno-geeks

What does it take to be considered advanced in OOP techniques?

South France for the week

Back in rainy New York

Passed Microsoft Certification Beta Exam 71-315

On the road again

Back from the South

Integration News: Hands-On: 7 Keys To Building a Better Web Service

Barney Not Found

PhotoRoom Version 1.2 released

France pictures now online

Melanie in Nice

Somewhere Saturday Night Live is on the air

Visual Studio.NET problem: EnvDTE missing or not found

Killington Planning to Open This Friday

Visual Studio Magazine - Why We Don't Build Software for Users

Transworld Snowboarding for the XBox

Let the craziness begin

Killington's early season

NYC Visit


Foot of fresh powder at Killington

Another fine Killington Day

Review of .NET Beta Exam 71-300


Snowboard On Asphalt With Freebord

Rockin' the Freebord

At long last...

Snow covered DC

Travel Adventure

DGB Weekend

Sick time

Weekend of friends

Counting down the minutes

White Christmas almost


New Year's at Sunday River

New photos posted

Another Killington weekend

New apartment

Vermont Winters

WASTED II Blog is online


Free Wireless Internet Access

Photo gallery is offline

Ski TV

A Frozen Hudson River

Packed and ready

Rockin' the iPod

Searching New York for an iPod

Day 0: The Commute Begins

Laptop verses Xbox

WASTED Journal

Day 1: The Arrival

Day 2: A hundred and ten percent

Day 3: Birthday Fondue

WASTED II Day 4: Bowl of Sweetness

WASTED II Day 5: Park Fun

WASTED II Day 6: Return to Blackcomb

WASTED II Day 7: The Brotherhood

WASTED II Day 8: Beer, Xbox, and More Beer

WASTED II Day 9, 10, 11 and 12: Catch Up

Craig Kelly is My Copilot

WASTED II Final Days: No Snow but Still a Great Time

WASTED II I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

We now return to your regular scheduled program

Finally new snow, but in the wrong city

Snow walk in Central Park

A day in the life of a consultant

Site software update

A surreal life

An Xbox Support Scam?

Bear Mountain closed today

Repair or Replace?

How to be a Programmer

Technology of the Day: VMWare

Talk About Cold

Development Bug

All East Spring Pass

Killington Family Weekend

Where's the Snow?

Killington Spring Break Pics Online

.NET to Java and Back

Starting over from scratch SOAP Spec Authored During Beer Bust

On the Road Again

Microsoft Architect Council 5 City Tour

Flying Home

The possible answer to my Xbox problems.

From the Slopes to the Sea

New Website Coming Soon

She Said Yes!

Happy Birthday is Online

New Snow in the East

Archive Links

WSE, WSTK, and WS Security

Freebording at Last! Freebording at Last!

Killington Dump

Smoke Free New York

Transworld | News | Snowiest March On Record At Whistler Blackcomb Online Store is Open

Freebord Day 2

On the Plane Again

You know you travel too much when...

New photos online

New Robot Food Teaser Video

Season is Over

WASTED Wear Arrived Today

WS-I Testing Tools - Beta Release

SnowReport Service Passes WS-I Test

Skate and Skateboarding

WASTED II: The Movie available for download

Week in Review

Mel Jacker

Nothing after 8 pm

X-Men a Bore

Interesting work...finally

Sony DAV-C770 is rockin'

New hacking tool sees the light | CNET

Reflector for .NET

Irish for the weekend

Avanade acquires G. A. Sullivan

East Durham Irish Fest pix online

Looking for a new text editor

STLtoday - business

New Skateboarding Trick

Beach Vacation Ironing Board

Mozilla Firebird

Xbox in the Hotel

New photos RSS feed

Transworld | Snowbiz | Jake Burton Chases Winter Across Six Continents

NYC Gay Pride

Catch up posting

NYC 4th of July Pictures Online

PhotoRoom v1.3 Released

Field versus Property

Date set for WASTED 2004


The Making of Amped 2

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Blacklisted on AOL

Removed: Efficient use of XmlSerializer

Off the Blacklist

New Orleans

Last Evening in New Orleans

Matrix Reloaded on IMax

Vermont Photos in the Gallery

Blues Cruise

C# on Linux

Novell buys Ximian


Getting dark

Phone service

Power Outage

Slow return of power

Camp Murphy Pix Online

Catch up post

We're Not Candy

All Rain and No Tennis

Small ISV in NYC

Viva Las Vegas

Brian in the House

Art Watch - September 7, 2003 - MP3s Are Not the Devil - The Ornery American

Hot Key to Lock Windows

Interesting Read

New Book Idea

PhotoRoom v1.4 Just Released

New Snow in Killington

A Practical Guide to XP

Xbox Live

Opening Day

New PhotoRoom V1.6

From the Alps to the Green Mountains

VMWare vs VirtualPC: A 5 Minute Review is moving

Attention E-mail Users

Holiday Posting


Articles - Avoiding the Spam Trap: Get your message delivered!

Commentary: The Upcoming GNOME Monarchy of Mono -

Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- news/newsletter

Off to WASTED 2004

Freeware versus Build

Correction: Found desktop version of TurboTax

Travel - Experience, Advice & Tips for Cheap International Travel

Whistler Pictures Online

Why I won't use TurboTax again

NAnt Rocks!

Quality Xbox Time

Logging Frameworks

Melanie's Birthday Party Pictures

Killington Weekend

Southwest Airlines

The Running Network -- Product Reviews -- Product Review

ZDNet News: The real costs of going offshore

Major site software update

St Patty's Day

Park City photos

Ask Joel - Offshoring

End of the Season

Will India price itself out of offshore market? | CNET

Happy Birthday to this blog

Only 9% evil

Creative Loafing Charlotte | They're Young, They're Vibrant...

A Night in New York

I need my Safari

Congratulations to Tom and Janet

O'Reilly's big mistake

The Trick

Re-Throwing Exceptions

A Portrait of J. Random Hacker [The Jargon Dictionary]


Season Continues for Others

Finally a Pleasant Night

New Geek Toys Finally

Pac Manhattan

MSN Careers - Avoiding Burnout - Career Advice Article

Being a Software Developer

PINVOKE.NET Add-in for VS.NET Technology: Bill Gates' House

Cheap price for MSDN Universal subscriptions

Don't be a "Cargo Cult" Programmer

Man this Whomps

Multiple NUnit tests from NAnt

Using Enterprise Templates to Group Projects

hipster bingo

A comment or two on Visual Studio Team System

How to Unit Testing Implementations of an Interface

RAIL - Runtime Assembly Instrumentation Library Project

Double Wedding Weekend

New Pictures...sort of

Yet Another Reason to Use Eudora

Making the Move to Test Driven Development

Which XML API?

Tools of Choice

Map of Springfield

Yet Another Silly Patent

MSN Alerts for Xbox Live

New AirPort Express: Is there anything it can't do?


Visual SourceSafe Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

Firefox 0.9 Available for Download

Firefox Extensions

Unit testing and VS.NET 2005

NYC Visitors are Coming

Another Microsoft Patent

It Came from Inside

Explicit Interface Implementation in C#

Why Software Quality Matters

Dave and Lexi

Delta to Invest in Radio Tags for Luggage at Airports

Dell Latitude 600 Setup

Early Bird Specials

It's Official

Performance Review: Virtual PC versus VMWare

To Data Bind or Not To Data Bind? That is the Question.


A Binding Formatter is Called Twice

Regex Library

VPC versus VMWare Revisited

Building a Business Relationship

Shift + Arrow Keys Not Highlighting


Weekend in Vermont

Back from Vermont

July ICCA Meeting

Installers and My Document Directory

Unit Testing Gone Bad

Oracle Developer Day in NYC

Install Woes with Roxio

Back to Admin Rights

Life as a Minimum Privileged User

New Joel on Software Book

ClickOnce Deployment in .NET 2.0

All For One Pass

Bloggin' Boris

Road to Independence

Interesting Day Indeed

For CEOs, offshoring pays

Catching Up on Family News

SmarterMail 2.0

Spam Filtering

St Louis

Get Organized

Welcome Brian

Deleting Information in BCM

Contact Management Tools

save from url

Great Day of Learning

Pictures from Brussels

End of a Long Day

Special Evening with the NYPC VB SIG

New Pictures in the Gallery

Exciting Prospects Follis Style

It's Time to Vote Once Again

PhotoRoom for SharePoint?

Halo2 Stats

Happy Birthday White Peak Software

Using Cache in Your WinForm Applications


Long Time No Blog

PhotoRoom v1.7 Released

Hour Children Web Site Launch

Finally, New Pictures in the Gallery

Paris Pictures


Delphi Turns 10 Years Old


StartupJournal | Marketing and Sales

VCL.NET = wow!

Baby Otis is Here

Ranking Programming Language Popularity

Is it Time to Move to Delphi?

BetaNews | Microsoft Delays Visual Studio 2005

Out of the country for the next few days

Back in Town

Delphi - What's the Catch?

April Fools on Me

ICCA NYC METRO Chapter President

PGD - Dog Fight Competition 2005

My Delphi 2005 is Here

Final Days

In Memphis This Week


Delphi Popularity on the Rise

Delphi Key Bindings

Another Key Binding

Baby Noah

Find Declaration is better in VS.NET

Getting an MBA without going to School

Break the Rules...And Close More Sales

ICCA NYC Metro Meeting Recap

Looking Sharp

Time for a New Challenge


NYC Geek Dinner Monday Night

Past Repeating Itself

Going Back is Hard

Trillian and Wikipedia

Upgrade to VMWare 5.0

Who is Shawn Murphy


Key Binding in Help File

Update on Interfaces in Delphi

Take the Delphi Poll

Xbox 360

Disable Trillian Hotkeys

BrowserCap for FireFox

NewsGator Acquires FeedDemon

Change ExpressScheduler Labels

Nintendo World

Problem Accessing NTFS for Other OSes

Using 3rd Party Components

Xbox 360 Games

Am I a Light Cycle

XmlSerialization Patent

Taking a Sick Day

Have Broadband Will Travel

Keeping a Career Fresh

Know Your Delphi History

Out of Office

Sending Email from Other Networks

The Power of Auto-Responders

Business Lessons for Computer Geek

First Business Conference

More Baby Noah Pictures

Importances of Understanding Sells and Marketing

Publishing a Product is Time Consuming

UI Improvements for SMTP Diagnostics

LUA wiki

Office Pranks

An All Nighter

Masking Addresses to Prevent Email Harvesting

Another PermLink Change

Is it E-mail or Email?

More on E-mail Harvesting

24 Hours of Delphi on BDN Radio

Cell Old Skool Style

Delphi Basics

E-mail versus Email Revisited

Installing Greatis Print Suite Pro under Delphi 2005

Spam Filter Rule Changes

EU Parliament Rejects Software Patents Directive

Heads Down

Masking Email Address is Helping

Using WinHelp for Popup Information

Simple apps not always easy to implement

Out of the Office

Arizona Hike

Experiencing Internet Connection Problems Today

Noah the Tree

Software Businesses in Vermont


Online Again

Never Ending To-Dos

Renaming SMTP Diagnostics?

STMP Diagnostics 1.2 Available

Support Forums are Open

Camping in Long Island

Forum Site is offline for the moment

ANN: SMTP Diagnostics Version 1.3 is Available

Support forums are back online

30-day Trial vs Marketing Screens

Recap of Last Week

Offline for the next 48 hours

Emergency Maintenance

3 reasons for me to buy an Xbox 360

I Admit to Being Lazy and Dumb

Date Range Check in SQL Server

Convincing a client it is time to refactor

Broken Perm Links in RSS Feeds

WPS to Donate Software to PMC Fund Raising Event

ANN: New SMTP Diagnostics Web Site

Discovered Constant Bug in VS.NET 2003

Refactoring SMTP Diagnostics

Request to Buy Delphi Rejected By Board

Xbox 360 Release Date: November 22 2005

Refactoring SMTP Diagnostics...The Story Continues

ANN: SMTP Diagnostics 1.4 Beta 1


Delphi Road Map for 2005 - 2008

Writeboard from 37Signals

Delphi and Avalon

VCL.NET vs WinForm

World-wide "Thanks to the Delphi R&D, QA, and Doc Teams" Day

Marathon Results for Brooke and Josh

Tim's Marathon Run to Fight Cancer

More on Delphi Roadmap

Small Company Claims Patent on XML

New Snow at Killington

Do we need local email software?

Latest Announcements

Can you pass 8th grade math?

My Opinion of Typed Data Sets is Changing

New RSS 2.0 feed URL for

Finally more pictures

Let down twice today by Microsoft

Using WinCV.exe with .NET 2.0

Is My Xbox 360 Problem Resolved

Xbox 360 My First Impressions Are Not Good

Xbox 360 Problem Could Be the Power Supply Connectors

BorCon 2005 Video

My Xbox 360 Review

Is Linux Feasible on the Desktop?

First Descent - The movie is awesome

Borland Delphi 2006 Hits the Streets

My Amped3 for the Xbox 360 Review

NYC's First Snowfall for the Season

BDS and Quality Central

Long Time No Post

What I will and will not miss about living in New York City


A New Year, a New Adventure

First Vertigo Screenshot

My Dead Or Alive 4 Review

FinalBuilder is a Must Have for Constructing Build Processes

Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality

New MicroISV Web Site

SMTP Diagnostics Review

Delphi Live Templates for VB Developers

Migrating from Visual Studio to Borland Developer Studio

Using DUnit with FinalBuilder

Why NO Free Personal Edition of Borland Developer Studio?

Bitwise Review of BDS

Delphi Job in Omaha, Nebraska

Farewell New York, Hello Salem

It's Surreal

More on Personal and Trial Editions of Borland Developer Studio

Spam Posting

11 Commandments for Small Software Companies

Borland Looking for Buyer for Delphi

Brand X Delphi

Trial Version of Borland Developer Studio Available

Where has the time gone?

Do you miss New York?

Finally Home Again

Celebrating 4 Years of Blogging

Impressed With Network Solutions Despite Outage is down

Finally Windows on Mac

Shareware Stars Can Make Big Money

XML Schema Object Model (SOM) Parser for Delphi

Delphi's .NET Interop features

Google API

Moving from VMware GSX Server to VMWare Server

First Visit to Fenway

Killington Season Ends May 1st

What is Microsoft Re-designed the iPod Packaging?

Too Much Technology to Play With

WS-Workbench Coming Along Nicely

Limited Scripting in SQL Server 2005

One More Rant about SQL Server 2005

dbGo and Delphi

Using ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 on the Same Machine

Running LiveCD in VMware

Software Business on the Raise in Cleveland

Borland 2006 Road Show U.S. Dates

Sharing the Delphi Love

Delphi ASP.NET on Mono

Mike Eberhart is now Blogging

White Peak Software News

DevCo Questions, Comments, and Name Suggestions

Generating Large Number of Temporary User Accounts

Work on Swirl has resumed

Delphi Road Show Webcast

No Delphi Road Show for me

A fishy story

BDS 2006 Hot Fix 5

Network Solution down again?

Setting up my Technorati Profile

Digital River Buys eSellerate


Nick Hodges Joins DevCo

QuickBase API for Delphi

Driving in Boston

Microsoft's Project Gildepath

Native Windows Code Is Here for a While

Turning Off HTML Formatting in BDS2006

eSellerate and DR deal

Lazarus on Ubuntu

No more physcial data disc please

Using DokuWiki at White Peak Software

Wrestling on SciFi Channel?

Essex County Tops Most Overpriced List

Random Thoughts

Less risk with Delphi

DevCo Sell to be Completed Soon

No Love from the .NET Community

Random Thoughts #2

Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

Windows Vista to Support 7,000+ New Native APIs

BDS Live Template to create NUnit test method in C#

Last 2 Weeks

Turbo Delphi

Finally! New Pictures

Random Thoughts #3

Delphi Oktoberfest Video

Petition to Reverse WinFX .NET 3.0 Naming

When in Rome

Gluten-Free Gourmet Dessert Recipes Book

From Delphi to C# and Back Again

FREE 3rd Party Tool bundle with BDS 2006

CSV Parser for Delphi

Removing Child Nodes Dynamically using JavaScript

Video Tutorials for Delphi

wpsCsvParser Fix

I Wish

White & Nerdy

Parse CSV or Tab Separated Files Using Delphi

Namespaces in Delphi

Delphi 2006 Survey

Surge in Email Spam

Naked man arrested for concealed weapon


3 Years and Going Strong

Explosion in Danvers MA

DoS Attack This Morning

New Pictures in the Gallery

Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

Showing Love for the Little Guy

Apple Distributed QuickTime Patch Through MySpace

Delphi (BDS) Live Templates for SQL Server

What a Different 4 Years Can Make


My Trips in 2007

Major Progress Made on Vertigo

Exciting News This Week from CodeGear

I'll Take 2 Rat Tacos with Cheese

CAPTCHA Requirement for Blog Comments

CodeRage Day 1

I'm Nerdy

Learning AJAX with Delphi at CodeRage

New Pictures in the Gallery

Developers do matter at CodeGear

Why I will NEVER Pre-order from CodeGear Again

Update on Delphi 2007 Order Mess

5 Things I Like About Delphi 2007

Fixed My Delphi 2007 Debug Issues

Things I Like About Delphi 2007 #6

Things I Like About Delphi 2007 #7

Delphi 2007 Support in FinalBuilder Coming Soon

New CEO at CodeGear

VIsta, Reigstry Keys, and UAC

Wiring Code to Zeppelin

CSV Editing

Support Large Files in Killink

Supporting Large Files in Killink Part II

PowerPoint 2007 and Outlook 2003 Don't Play Nice Together

Killink Version 1.0 RC 1 is Ready for Download

Killink CSV Download Links Fixed

When Naming a Configuration File program.exe.config is Bad

Connection Tool for SQL Server Updated

Killink CSV Version 1.0 Released Yesterday

The One Time Spam Proved to be Useful

My 8 Week Goals

SMTP Diagnostics 1.7 Released

I Think Delphi 2007 is Great

Adding Excel File Support To Killink CSV

My 2006/2007 Snowboard Season Comes to an End

Download Killink CSV v1.1 Beta

Killink CSV v1.1 Released

Meet the Beemers

Which is Better

A Killink CSV Review

Product Website or Company Website

wuauclt svchost and 100% CPU usgage

Not Bill Gates's House

New Killink CSV Beta is Available

Delphi 2007 Update 1 and Roadmap

Formatting Cells in Killink CSV

ANN: Killink CSV v1.2

Support Forums are Down

Some Problems with Killink CSV

Moving to a New Data Center

Whew...What a Month

ASP 20th Anniversary and Software Discounts

Excited About Expected New Arrival

Major Technology Upgrade

Making iSync Work With Sprint RAZR V3m

Cannot Resolve Machine Name From Mac OS X

How To Access a Windows 2003 File Share From Mac OS X

Way to Go Brenna!

MP3 Ringtones on Sprint RAZR V3m

Long Time No Post

Long Time No Post

Wallpaper Should Be Outlawed


Why No Baby Announcement Post?

Too Much Travel

Update on New House


My Recommended Mac OS X Applications

They iScrewed Me Again

The Cavalry is Here

To The Customers of White Peak Software

Update on New House #2

Home Improvement Before and After

Update on New House #3

My 2008 Trips

When is the Next Release of Killink CSV Coming?

A Better Way To Buy Music

Jet Lagged Alex

Killink CSV 1.9 Finally Released!

A Review of CVS Clients for Mac OS X

ANN: Rowan Andrew Turner

MLB Extra Inning Subscriber I am Not

Boston Marathon 2008

Add-on Cube Speaker for Griffin Evolve

A Computer Crash of a Different Color

It Finally Happened

Follow Me

Recommended Software for Mac

High-Tech Capital in the U.S.?

Pictures from Recent Trips

Run Killink CSV Under Linux

My First Software Industry Conference 2008

PHP Development in Linux or Mac OS X?

High Royalty Rates Could Kill Web Radio

New Blog for White Peak Software

Waiting on a Response?

Salem Bloggers Unite

ImportError: No module named svn

Playing with Xbox Again

Pictures from Dave, Lexi, and Lucy's Visit

Wedding Pictures

Lake Champlain Trip

Pictures from Recent Memphis Trip

Download iTunes Connect Sales Reports Using Python

Hug a Developer

Halloween Pictures

Hiking the Long Trail Division 1

RAD Studio 2009 Is Coming

CodeRage III - Not a Good Start for Me

Framework or CMS Revisited

Framework or CMS


Long Time No Post

Our Healthcare System Sucks

Short in iPod touch Connector Port

Domain Name Registration Scam

My Thought on the FaceBook Privacy Issue

Pictures from Recent Long Trail Hike


Salem The Bike City

Welcome Back

Things I've Done This Weekend That I Normally Don't Do

The Cave Tent


Goruck GR1 Review - First Impressions

Only 9 more pounds to go

First Two Trips with Goruck GR1

Sleeping In

Silver Lake

DIY Pot Cozy

Yankee Game

Test Run on My DIY Pot Cozy

Planning to Thru Hike the Long Trail

The Weight Lost Continues

Pack Unpack Repeat

Weighing In

Back from the Long Trail Hike

Our Christmas 2012


Super Long Day with the Kid

NSSnow 2013

What the Hell

Simple Bank, My Kind of Banking

Our Visit to the Eiffel Tower

Kayaking the Ipswich River

We're Moving to a Ski Town...Finally

I'm an Idiot

Congratulations to the Kid

I Knew a Drug Dealer in Memphis

Andy's Wedding

Camp Murphy

Pawleys Island with the Davis Clan

Whale Watching Tour

Rowan on the Balance Board

Send Camera Video to Your TV


Day 25

I'm Having a Bad Day

Cross Posting

Not Organizing Events

Still No Regrets

Family Influence

WTF Ruby Gems

I Stopped Using NIBs Thanks to Auto Layout

Still Enjoying the Snow

Wait, Justin and I Agree?

Enjoy Less and Love More

I Am Not The Android Expert You Seek

It's About More Than Shipping an App

Amy Bradstreet

Dear Simple. It's You, Not Me.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Pocket Test

Cross Posting to, Facebook, and Twitter

Reporting Errors in Cross Post

Reporting Errors in Cross Post Part 2

Using xcodebuild To Export a .ipa From an Archive

Microblogging, the Open Web, and Cross Post

iPhone 6 Plus Is Too Big For Me, But I Bought It Anyways

Why Microsoft's Acquisition of HockeyApp Saddens Me

A Tradition Comes To A Close Tonight

Despite A Rainy Start

Made Some Fixes To The Blog Site


15 Minutes Of Writing

Checkout The New Rowan T Site

No Plans For A Third Edition

Goodbye Fitbit Ultra, Hello Fitbit One

Snow is White, Not Brown and Green

New Site

Eliminating Distractions


Hey Local Retail Stores, Update Your Website

Consider The Environmental Cost

Bad Case Of Buyer's Remorse

New Site Theme

Reliving The Past

Temperature Inversion

For-In Loop vs Using Block

Working 80+ Hours Isn't The Answer

This Startup Is Not For Me

Raw Denim

Our Return To Whistler Blackcomb

Life Is A Vacation

The Snow Was Better In 2003

Après Code: A New Developer Meetup In Stowe Vt

I Feel Guilty But

Driver X

Dress Code For Remote Job

Affordable Cloud Storage With Amazon Cloud Drive

2600 Miles In 4 Minutes

Best April Fools' Joke Ever

Apple Watch Will Make iPhone 6 Plus Size Less Annoying

Argh! Thanks A Lot Apple

I Should Feel Guilty But I Don't

No WWDC Or SF Trip

Views Created In Code

Snow River At Stowe

Where I Blog These Days

Stuck Working For Others

It's Better To Try An Idea

Building An App From Start To Finish

thecave On Twitter

Do I Need Another Twitter Account

Essence Of Vermont

Video of Stowe, Vermont

Tips To Being More Focused


I've Been Doing It Wrong

Redirect Jekyll Site To HTTPS On OpenShift

Blogging The Little Things

Boston Area Mac And iOS Dev Community Is Awesome

Dispatch Async to Main Queue Doesn't Work With Modal Window on Mac OS X

Maintain Your iOS App With Peak App Care

Two Years Ago Today

I Wish There Was Something Better Than Meetup.Com

Retiring My CSV Editor

You Don't Need Motivation. You Need Good Habits

Kicking Procrastination In The Ass

Wish I Could Help But It's Not My App

My Upcoming Share Extension Talk At 360idev-Min

Trying Something New To Avoid Feast Or Famine

Tags And Categories

How To Present An Alert View Using UIAlertController When You Don't Have A View Controller

How To Do A Case Insensitive Search Using Parse SDK


From Trace To Slopes

Trying a little experiment


Hey Siri, Text Evernote

Wow! Busy weekends ahead

The Experienced Programmer's Guide to Getting Started with Swift

Testing, testing. 1, 2, 3…I moved my...

I love this picture of Rowan and...

I haven’t been on Facebook for 11...

What a beautiful morning. Winter is still...

After 17 days of no Facebook, I...

Mastodon and

I’m experimenting with ways to add a...

Another test to see if I got...

Why didn’t I setup Bitrise to generate...

Convert Time with a TextExpander Snippet

Day 💯 for my 🏂 season.

My week of temporary bachelorhood ends in...

How I post to my Jekyll site using my iPhone

It’s a perfect evening in Stowe.

Good times yesterday, which was the last...

Congrats to @manton on the launch of...

I share the same love for winter...

It’s a good day to celebrate.

I love being able to board a...

I'm Trying Something Different

Advice for new iOS freelancers

The last two weeks have been crazy,...

Testing photo upload. Nothing to see here...

Sweet! My photo upload worked. I’m using...

You know it’s a long day when...

I wonder if supports animated gifs....

It’s crazy hair day at Stowe Elementary....

Beating the heat at a local swimming...

And jump!

Mark Twain's Brother Lived in Vermont

June 20, 2017 at 09:37:01 AM

Let’s go Lake Monsters!

Good times at BG’s.

Mmm…oh so good.

I know summer just started but…I’m ready...

Rowan is stoked to be in his...

From All Star baseball to PGA Junior...

The rain finally stopped. Hopefully the match...

July 5, 2017 at 08:50:13 PM

So this just happened.

Hot Air Balloon Landing

More pictures from the hot air balloon landing

Achievement unlocked. Also my first day walking...

Shutting Down

My AirPods arrived today, and I already...

This beer is so good rainbows come...

I can’t wait to be back in...

Ready to watch the Yankees vs Mets...

Count Basie Orchestra at Music in the...

Starting my first paid vacation in over...

Wooden roller coasters are the best.

My bedroom for a couple of days...

Enjoying the view.

Fun times finding our way out of...

YES! BSG, The Complete Series, Volume 1...

I found a smile while on my...

Having a chilled night wishing for some...

October 3, 2017 at 09:36:37 PM

October 5, 2017 at 11:42:06 PM

Practice time during our weekend getaway.

Sad news and too damn early in...

I need to burn twenty more calories...

October 17, 2017 at 05:06:51 PM

The kid built his first Mindstorm robot....

A year ago today I was snowboarding...

See who you're following on

When in Maine.

Lunch at Mabels.

October 28, 2017 at 02:11:08 PM

One more stop before going home.

Happy Halloween.

November 1, 2017 at 07:54:19 AM

Enjoying Après Opening Day at Stowe Mountain...

Fun times this morning.

First day of the season with the...

This morning.

This afternoon.

A beautiful morning to be out on...

The kid and I played Battle of...

A nice end to a fun day...

Jane’s Addiction on the sound system. Hunting...

Decided to do something other than snowboarding...


Picture of the kid from last month....

The kid getting air last Sunday.

New Year Terrain Park Fun

Stowe on December 13

Stowe, January 3, 2018

First Snowboard Competition

My first perfect month. Closed my rings...

Enjoying our spur-of-the-moment trip to Disney World...

On top of Mount Mansfield watching the...

I host my website on GitHub Pages,...


Watching the kid, and two of his...

Enjoying a weekend getaway in South Carolina....

Afternoon hike across the top of Vermont....

A beautiful Vermont sunset.

Enjoying the view while taking an evening...

I’m loving the timeline feature in Sunlit....

Fun evening on the lawn at The...

My first GoRuck bag, G1, purchased May...

The kid out for an evening paddle....

Two Years Ago Today

I woke up at 2:55 am (EDT)...

Sunrise view from thirty thousand feet.

My view flying into LAX this morning....

Playing around with my new camera, I...

Soccer time for the kid.

Celebrating Oktoberfest.

October 3, 2018 at 10:01:05 AM

October 11, 2018 at 10:35:35 PM

October 12, 2018 at 01:41:13 PM

October 15, 2018 at 07:31:20 PM

October 20, 2018 at 11:20:40 PM

Took a walk in the woods today....

First day of the season was a...

My wife joined me for a couple...

The math seems to be a bit...

The fog lifted and the rain stopped....

A beautiful day on the hill this...

Taking a stroll through the notch.

A couple of pics from my morning...

Today’s walk in the woods.

Bright moon tonight.

Merry Christmas.

Afternoon walk to burn off calories from...


A snowshoe adventure after getting annoyed at...

Heading into the Notch.

Had a bit of wading while snowshoeing...

Spent some time in the woods this...

One And Done

In The Notch

Happy Firecracker Day