Upgrade to VMWare 5.0

Posted by Kirby Turner on May 3, 2005

For over a year I have been running my primary development environment in a guest OS using VMWare Workstation 4.x. I run in full screen mode and I don’t even notice that I am running under a guest OS.

Tonight I installed the new VMWare Workstation 5.0. I haven’t run it through the ringer yet but I like what I see so far. Guest OS seem to run faster and network communication is definitely much faster. The old virtual NIC was only a 10mbps. The new one is 1gbps, which is noticeably faster. Although I haven’t played with it, I’m excited about the multiple snapshots feature. There’s also a new clone feature that I need to read up on. In my opinion existing 4.x users will want to upgrade to 5.0.

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