thecave.com is the blog site for Kirby Turner, an independent software developer for Mac and iOS.

About thecave.com

thecave.com is the blog site for Kirby Turner. Since it's beginnings in 1996 thecave.com has been a place to find tips on programming, although in recent years it has evolved into a more personal blog site where Kirby not only shares tips, he also shares his thoughts, opinions, rants and the like with those willing to read his nonesense.

About Kirby Turner

Hi, my name is Kirby Turner. I'm an independent software developer and business owner focusing on Mac and iOS programming. I've been programming since the early 1980s. I sell my own apps. I do contract programming when time allows. And I wrote a book on iPad programming.

When I'm not sitting behind the keyboard, I can be found hanging out with my wife Melanie and my son Rowan, hiking the mountains of New England, kayaking the waters in and around Stowe, Vermont, and snowboarding down mountains in search of powder.

You can learn more about my professional career over at kirbyturner.com.