Refactoring SMTP Diagnostics

Posted by Kirby Turner on September 21, 2005

In a recent blog posting, I talked about convincing a client it’s time to refactor. Well, I have spent the last few days convincing myself that it is time to do some refactoring of SMTP Diagnostics.

For those who don’t know, SMTP Diagnostics is a mailer program enabling you to troubleshoot problems with outgoing email and assist with configuring outgoing (SMTP) servers.

I have been putting off refactoring while still adding new features. I did this to “save time” but the code base has reached a point where it is now more time consuming then it should be to add new features. I can put it off no longer.

What’s fun about this exercise is that I get to build from the knowledge obtain thus far. Version 1.0 did not have a solid object model and a lot of the code was specific to this one project. Version 1.2 and 1.3 moved away from that by incorporating common code, or a common framework, that I’m using in a second product code-name Vertigo. Version 1.4, which is the next release, will finally have a reusable object model that will make adding new features much easier. For example, adding command line support will be a snap once the new object model is in place.

Look for the beta release for version 1.4 in a few days.

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