Southwest Airlines

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 9, 2004

I wonder if A&E; new show Airline is helping or hurting business for Southwest Airlines. It seems every episode I have seen shows a paying passenger being refused boarding because he or she has had a few drinks prior to boarding. In tonight’s episode a 72 year old man was denied boarding by Southwest because he had a little too much to drink at the airport bar while waiting for a 3 hour delayed flight. Because it was the last flight of the night the old man had no choice but to either sleep in the airport or find a hotel.

I for one typically visit the airport bar when my flight is delay by hours. And I have been known to be a little tipsy by boarding time, but once I am on the plane I sleep through the flight. However I can’t help but wonder if I would have been denied boarding if I had been flying Southwest Airlines.

And what of these individuals denied boarding a Southwest flight for throwing back a few frosty brews as they wait for their flight? Do they pose a threat to the other passengers? Does Southwest believe these individuals will cause a disruption on the plane?

In one episode a gospel singing group took a Southwest flight. On the flight the group sang songs. These individuals were sober. However in my opinion the sober singing group seemed more disruptive then the beer drinking individuals who denied boarding.

There’s probably more to the story then what is aired on the TV show. However it seems that Southwest has a strict policy against drinking prior to flying, which makes me glad I don’t fly Southwest.

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