This Startup Is Not For Me

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 21, 2015

While writing my previous post on how working 80+ hours is not the answer, I was reminded of a Wall Street startup I interviewed for back in December 1999. The startup was staffed with many brilliant programmers, and I certainly would learn a lot from them. The startup was well funded, and they offered me more money than any other company had offer me. But in the end I turned down their offer.

While walking around the their office, I noticed most of the programmers had sleeping bags under their desks. And every one was sitting in cubes with no natural light. No one had toys on their desks, no pictures of loved ones, and no smiles on their faces. It seemed no one was having fun.

I turned down their offer, and in the end I accepted another offer that paid $45,000 per year less. Why? Because the company I did join had passion, and the people working there shared that passion. We were going to work hard and play hard, and in the end build something great. And we did.

Looking back, I know I made the right decision. Sure, an extra $45,000 would have been nice, but it’s wasn’t worth spending a year in hell.

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