Killington Family Weekend

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 4, 2003

Melanie and I joined the rest of the Davis family for fun in the snow at Killington, VT, for an extended weekend. Saturday was spent at Pico and was the return to the slopes for Brenna. She was taking it easy on her first day out, but by the next day she was skiing down Outer Limits.

Day two was a wet day for most at Killington. But the good news was the new snow. Officially 3 inches fell, which was okay by me giving that I have not seen new snow on the slopes in over 16 snowboard days. Also, the conditions were perfect for me to try out trails I have not yet ridden at Killington including Outer Limits, Vertigo, and Ovation.

Day three was the return for very chilly temperatures to Vermont. The thermometer on the deck was showing -10 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit not Celsius. The very cold temperatures combined with the nightly grooming of the trails made for less-than-ideal conditions (in my opinion) on Killington, but Melanie and I braved it out for the afternoon. It’s strange how one day the snow can be so soft and powdery and the very next hard packed with no signs of any new snow.

Look for pictures to be posted sometime Wednesday night.

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