Where's the Snow?

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 5, 2003

Day 4 on Killington was very nice. The snow had soften up a bit. Runs of the day: Rim in the morning and the Chute in the afternoon. Also Great Bear was a blast and was the only trail I know of that still have evidence on Sunday’s snow storm. It’s un-groomed and has soft powder bumps.

Melanie and I leave Killington today. She flies out to Brussels tonight and I have to finish work on my demos for next week’s 5 day/5 city tour with Microsoft. I had planned to hit the slopes this morning for a few quick runs before leaving because the weather forecast was calling for a wintery mix, but it’s looks like that will not happen. And if I am going out for only an hour then I want to see new snow or at least a change in the conditions. Oh well. We will be back very soon.

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