Xbox in the Hotel

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 11, 2003

After many months of no Xbox, I finally replaced mine this week with a brand new one. Now I can start playing video games while I am sitting in the hotel. But there’s one problem. Most hotels do not allow you to connect game consoles to the room TV.

To get around this problem, I decided to try a couple of different mobile monitors. The first was the Xbox Mobile Monitor from Intec. This gives you a 5.6 inch LCD TFT screen. The entire device snaps to the top of the game console and includes built-in speakers. The problem I have with the Mobile Monitor is that the screen is too small to see while sitting back in a chair. Also, the graphic quality is awful. And finally, the overall size is too big for such a small screen. I’m not able to keep my console stored in my carrying case with the Mobile Monitor installed. The only pro was that I can use any controller for game play.

The other device I tried was the Hip Screen Pad from Hip Gear. The monitor is much smaller, only 2.6 inch TFT screen, but the quality is excellent. It’s like looking at a very small TV. Also, since the monitor is attached to the game controller, I am able to sit back in a chair, get comfortable, and play for hours. My only compliant is with the controller’s play action. It is not as responsive as the S-controller. The X button is slow to respond as is the left directional arrow on the cross hair pad.

So after spending a night with each monitor I decided to stick with the Hip Screen Pad. The overall size is much smaller, making it easier to carry when travelling. And it’s $80 cheaper with better screen quality. I don’t recommend Intec’s Mobile Monitor purely based on the crappy screen resolution.

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