Best April Fools' Joke Ever

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 3, 2015

I met a guy tonight at the bar. He was the victim of the best April Fools’ Joke ever.

He broke up with his girlfriend 5 weeks ago. At 8 am on April 1 she sent him a text message with a picture of a at-home pregnancy test that was positive. Yep, she was telling my new friend he was going to be a dad. 16 hours later, at midnight and after he consumed countless shots and another drinks, she sent him the text “Happy April Fools.”

She really got him, and he really appreciated the joke. The fact that she let him think he was going to be a new dad for 16 hours is what makes the joke really great. Had she reply “April Fools” five minutes after the first text message, the joke wouldn’t be as funny. But the fact that she made him sweat it out all day makes this the best April Fools’ joke ever. I’m just glad the joke wasn’t played on me.

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