UDDI as a directory of RSS feeds

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 23, 2002

Recently my friend Karsten Januszewski posted a message to the RSS-DEV group suggesting that UDDI could be used as a directory of RSS feeds. I for one really like the idea. UDDI provides not only a public directory that is easily searchable but an API that would allow me to automate the search rather the discovery of new RSS feeds that I might be interested in.

Ironically a couple of days prior to first learning of Karsten’s idea, I spent an hour looking for RSS feeds covering a particular topic for a customer. Sure I found various sites listing some feeds and such but no definitive directory. Should Karsten’s idea take off then the time it took me to find feed in the past will be greatly reduced. And as I said I can automate the discovery of new RSS feeds. I for one fully support Karsten’s idea.

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