Starting over from scratch

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 7, 2003

Okay, I’m depressed. Next week I am joining Microsoft for a 5 day/5 city tour to talk about interop with Web services. I have spent the last couple of days writing sample code for my demos and was nearing completion when I lost everything.

How did I lost it all? Simple. I re-ran the wstkconfig.bat from the IBM Web Services Toolkit to deploy the last Web service I planned to show. The other code was manually deployed but this time I decided to use the configuration tool just for fun. Little did I know it would delete the entire webapps/wstk directory, which contained the majority of my code that I manually deployed. All that work gone. Guess it’s time to start over.

Be warned: If using the IBM Web Services Toolkit, keep your original source in a safe place on the hard drive. That is, keep it in a place not under the live webapps.

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