Slow return of power

Posted by Kirby Turner on August 15, 2003

My last posting of the night. It seems that power is slowly returning to the island. As I type this I can hear the rumble of the Path train beneath the apartment building. I could see stars from the fire escape earlier but now the stars are being replaced with the glow of city lights. I’m guessing Time Square or the Upper West Side finally has power.

For me, I’m still sitting in the dark rockin’ out to tunes on the iPod. Candles light the apartment. And I’m missing Melanie as I eat my midnight pasta. I spent the evening hanging with the next door neighbors. Beers on the fire escape. We wandered out for a bit. Blind Tiger was closed but Chumly’s, a place that never disappoints, was open and serving cool beer.

The street is still very dark. Oh the things that must be happening in the dark corners of the city.

I’m glad Melanie is okay. I talked with her a little while ago to say good night. She will be home tomorrow morning just in time to pack her weekend bags for Lake George and Camp Murphy.

Good night all and here’s hoping for a bit of electricity in the morning.

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