Developers do matter at CodeGear

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 19, 2007

Earlier today I made a rant posting about how my Delphi 2007 order had been cancelled. It is my opinion that Digital River is the source of the problem, although some blame has to be put on CodeGear for using Digital River.

That said, I am amazed at the response I have received from CodeGear. I sent an email sharing my story to key individuals at CodeGear. The purpose of my email was to let them know about the issues I am having and the mess that is getting messier with Digital River. I wasn’t expecting any action from CodeGear because ultimately the order was messed up by Digital River and their enability to process requests in sequential order.

Soon after sending my story to CodeGear I got a couple of email responses including responses from Nick Hodge and Michael Swindell. I even received a phone call. Wow! Talk about customer service. This sort of action would never happen if the Developer Tools Group remained as Borland.

CodeGear is helping as much as they to resolve this mess, and I for one am very impressed. Now if only Digital River shared the same passion and devotion this mess would already be cleaned up.

It’s cheesy to say, but developers really DO matter at CodeGear.

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