MLB Extra Inning Subscriber I am Not

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 13, 2008

Last week Comcast was running a free preview of MLB Extra Innings. My wife and I both really liked being able to view games outside of our local marketing area, and since we will not be able to attend as many baseball games this year compared to past years we decided to subscribe to the service. I noticed at the bottom of the television screen the cost for MLB Extra Innings was only $159. A little high in my opinion but we would spend that much attending 1 game at Fenway.

I called Comcast to subscribe and to my surprise the $159 price was a sales price available only during the preview. The regular price is $199 and that was the price they wanted to charge me when I called. I explained that I saw the $159 price during the preview, but all the nice lady could say was “The codes are no longer in the system.” Well, for $40 more dollars I decided not to subscribe to the MLB Extra Innings service. Instead of taking the $40 off, signing up a new subscriber, and making $159 from me, Comcast and MLB Extra Innings will now gets $0 from me because I refuse to pay the higher price.

Comcast will survive without my $159 but it is really poor customer service. Not only that, MLB Extra Innings loses out on an additional subscriber. And who knows. My wife and I might have enjoyed the service so much that we subscribe again next year. Instead Comcast and MLB Extra Innings will get nothing extra from us and all because of $40.

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