Transworld Snowboarding for the XBox

Posted by Kirby Turner on October 25, 2002

I got the new Transworld Snowboarding game for the XBox last night and it’s pretty dang cool. I still have not decided which I like better, Amped or Transworld SB, but both are a must have for any rider who own an XBox.

I found Transworld SB to be easier than Amped on learning tricks, and jibs and landings are definitely easier. Transworld SB’s uses a combination of the left and right sticks to control the rider, which work better for me. The graphics are definitely better than Amped and I perfer the freedom to roam throughout the slopes without being told I am out of bounds or that I must go down hill. Probably the biggest difference in the two is that Transworld SB seems to focus more on perfecting specific tricks whereas Amped is about tricking it out with whatever to get the highest possible score.

Example, one objective in Transworld SB is to pull a perfect Indy. Originally I was doing the indy along with other tricks but this did not meet the objective. As it turns out, to meet the objective I had to pull the perfect indy and that it is. I didn’t need to do other tricks while in the air. Another example is the objective of a front-side 720. I had to learn not to over spin the trick. In Amped I always try to get the most spin each and every time.

Transworld SB is definitely cool, but I find Amped more challenging (so far). Making it through a career in Amped to be number one is dang hard, imo. Still, if you love to ride and you have an XBox get both games.

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