Major Technology Upgrade

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 26, 2007

Those that know me well know I tend to hold on to and use older technologies (i.e., computers, mobile phones, iPod, etc) longer then I should. Once a piece of technology is working for me I don’t see much reason to upgrade. But every few years I must go through a major technology upgrade, which is what I have done over the last week.

I replaced my aging mobile phone with a sleek Motorola RAZR V3m. I admit I’m addicted to this phone. While I was able to do Internet and text messaging on my old phone, my new phone makes it easier and allows me to do more such as check email and watch live TV. The built-in Bluetooth is awesome too. I’ll talk more about that in a minute.

The new mobile phone required I get a new headset. I prefer hands-free talking especially on longer calls. My wired headset is incompatible with the RAZR so I bought a new Bluetooth enabled headset, the Motorola H700C. Of course I look like I have joined the collective when I wear the headset, but fashion aside this is a really nice headset. It works well with the RAZR phone. Calls are clear, and according to those I’ve called there is no problem hearing me talk.

A major technology upgrade is not complete without a new computer. I mentioned the other day that I bought a MacBook Pro. It arrived yesterday and after spending a few hours with it I can’t image going back to a Windows only machine. I’ve tried various favors of Linux over the last couple of years but I always encountered some type of problem. This made me a bit concerned about switching to Mac OSX, but I now know I had no reasons for concern. Everything just works. Some tweaking was needed in certain cases but in general everything work.

One area that required a little tweak was adding iSync support for my RAZR phone. Apparently the latest OSX updates from Apple support the RAZR V3m but not the Sprint version, which is what I have. Luckily I learned about ClockSkew and his iSync plug-ins for the RAZR phones. Now, using Bluetooth - gotta love that technology, I’m able to sync my calendar and address book between my phone and MacBook Pro. Awesome stuff, I tell you.

Speaking of Bluetooth, I decided to go with the wireless Bluetooth keyboard for Macs. Once again it just works.

To continue working with Windows, which I must do, I installed VMware Fusion. This product is awesome too. I find my virtual machines run much better under OSX as the host operating system compared to Windows or even Linux. Of course having 4GB of RAM doesn’t hurt either.

So new phone, new headset, new laptop…what else? That’s it for the moment but I do plan to buy a new SLR digital camera within the next couple of weeks. I wonder if digital SLR camera come with Bluetooth to transfer pictures?

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