Excited About Expected New Arrival

Posted by Kirby Turner on July 23, 2007

Things are really busy for me right now. I’ve just started two separate customer projects, sales of Killink CSV and SMTP Diagnostics are climbing, and I’ve been doing a lot of travel. But one thing has me really excited. I ordered a MacBook Pro and it’s expected to arrive in a couple of days.

I need a beefy laptop for the work I’ll be doing while on the road. I compared prices, specs, etc with different vendors (Dell, HP, Apple) and the MacBook Pro won.

But wait! Aren’t you a Windows developer? Yes, I am and I will continue to write software for Windows. The only difference is I will be doing it from my shinny new MacBook Pro. Yep, another Delphi developer moves to the Mac.

Another reason for the switch is VMware’s upcoming virtualization software called Fusion. It’s still in beta but looks very promising. As a matter of fact check out this Fusion feature called Unity.

Now that’s dang cool.

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