My Recommended Mac OS X Applications

Posted by Kirby Turner on January 2, 2008

I have been a Mac OS X users for 6 months now and I love it. It is doubtful I will ever return to a Windows only machine so I thought it fitting to list the OS X software I use regularly.<ul>
<li>, which comes with OS X, is a powerful email program that allows me to manage the many, many mail messages I receive daily.</li>
<li>iCal is another handy program that comes with OS X. iCal allows me to manage multiple calendars.</li>
<li>Spanning Sync synchronizes my iCal calendars with Google Calendars.</li>
<li>Address Book, also free with OS X, is a nice address book manager.</li>
<li>Fusion by VMware is the one piece of software that convinced me to try OS X. While I love OS X I still must use Windows on a daily basis. Fusions allows me to run Windows hosted as a virtual machine within OS X.</li>
<li>Firefox is my preferred web browser. Safari is nice and I use it from time to time. But Firefox is the browser I use most often.</li>
<li>Adium is a friendly chat program supporting AOL, Yahoo, Messenger, Google Talk, and who knows what else. I like iChat, which comes with OS X, but I don’t use it often due to its lacking support for IM services such as Messenger.</li>
<li>iPhoto is my favorite application in the iLife suite. I enjoy taking pictures and I currently use iPhoto to manage all my digital pictures, a collection that is quickly approaching 7,000 pictures.</li>
<li>iLife ‘08 is another reason I decided to switch to the Mac. Making movies, burning DVDs, and managing my digital photos was never this easy in the Windows world.</li>
<li>CoRD is a remote desktop client. I use it often to RDP into other Windows machines on my network.</li>
<li>VLC is a freeware media player.</li>
<li>Unison is a nice newsgroup reader. I prefer the user interface from Agent but it is not available for OS X.</li>
<li>Vienna is an open source RSS feed reader.</li>
<li>SuperDuper is my preferred backup software. Easy to use, and powerful enough to make the types of backups I want.</li>

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