Publishing a Product is Time Consuming

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 15, 2005

I’m putting the finishing touches on White Peak’s first product called SMTP Diagnostics. The product does exactly what the name implies. It helps diagnose problems that can occur when sending e-mail through an SMTP server. But this last bit of work is proving to be time consuming.

I need to setup the product web page. I need to draft the EULA. I need to install and setup forum software, which will be used to offer community support for SMTP Diagnostics. I have to create the installer and publish a PAD file. Then there’s marketing.

I need sign up with a reseller. I need to include marketing techniques in the application, and I need to setup an online store where people will hopefully buy licenses. Whew, the list goes on.

Good news is that once I have finished I’ll be able to reuse much of the infrastructure for new products.

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