Catching Up on Family News

Posted by Kirby Turner on September 2, 2004

Seems that there is something in the water down in Memphis because my family has recently gone baby crazy. Congratulations to John and Lisa for the arrival of Elizabeth Marie. Congratulations to Bill and Melissa for the arrival of Matthew Cole. Congratulations to Michael and Kimberly for the arrival of Gracen Brooke, and sorry for the misspelling. I didn’t receive an official announcement e-mail with the correct name spelling. I’m not even sure I know the name of Rip’s offspring.

And for the really big announcement, congratulations to Tommy and Renay (my little sis). The two are expecting a new homo sapiens arrival of their own. It will be interesting to see how the baby blends in with the personal zoo they have. Will the baby sleep in the same room as the frogs, snakes, rats, bats, and giraffes? Will he or she crawl around with the 12 dogs and 18 cats? Seriously, Melanie and I are both very excited for you guys.

And congratulations to all, and to all a good night.

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