SmarterMail 2.0

Posted by Kirby Turner on September 4, 2004

This notice is for all e-mail users who use the web interface. SmarterMail 2.0 was installed last night. It offers dramatic changes over the previous version include:<ul>
<li>Completely redesigned interface</li>
<li>More logical organization and structure</li>
<li>Foreign language support for the interface and spell check dictionaries</li>
<li>HTML creation of messages</li>
<li>Improved Help documentation</li>
<li>More robust spam detection (including Bayesian filtering)</li>
<li>Improved Content Filtering</li>
<li>Much more</li>
</ul>Email accounts will not actually be converted to 2.0 until they log some type of activity (e.g. if you log in to the mailbox, or even if you simply receive an email). Therefore, once you initially log in, you may see a longer load time. During this process, no emails or users will be lost.

Two things you will want to check after the conversion are your spam and content filters. The content filters should not be affected, but Spam options will default to the new SmarterMail 2.0 settings. If you want to utilize custom settings versus these default spam settings then you will want to go into the spam filtering configuration and make any changes you feel are necessary. When checking your spam settings, pay particular attention to the use of the Bayesian filtering option as this is what you use to “teach” the mail server what you consider to be spam.

I think you will find this laest version is far better than the previous version. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions regarding SmarterMail 2.0.

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