Day 3: Birthday Fondue

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 4, 2003

Day 3: Birthday Fondue:

Today was about Melanie and Blackcomb. Why? Because it was Melanie’s birthday and we spent most of our time today on Blackcomb. Snow conditions are what I would call typical East Coast without the views. Hard pack from the top of the tree line down to mid-mountain, icy and slippery from mid-mountain down. But the alpine above the tree line is nice. Less than perfect conditions or not, we are still having fun.

No “crash of the day” or “trick of the day” today. Instead the birthday girl is due a shot of her choice. Speaking of the birthday girl, the crew took Melanie out for fondue to celebrate her “26th” birthday. We rode a snowcat to 6000 feet on Blackcomb. While going back down we could see the Northern Lights in the distance.

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