Day 2: A hundred and ten percent

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 3, 2003

Day 2: A hundred and ten percent:

Today was the first day on the slopes and we (tried to give) gave 110 percent. The weather is warm but the snow is still good at the alpine. Below mid-mountain is a bit slushy but that can be fun. We covered a lot of ground on Whistler…from Symphony Bowl to Little Whistler to the Saddle to Franz’s Meadows..from the Peak to the base…we hit it all. The only thing disappointing today was the lack of an Xbox…although for the record, the score is 3 to 3 Joe verses Kirby.

Joe got the shot for the “trick of the day”. New rules for this year. If there is no wipe out of the day that the shot award goes to the trick of the day. Joe nailed a surf move typically of Dave…riding up the bank and kicking around the tail end.

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