Posted by Kirby Turner on May 19, 2002

This weekend’s geek out weekend involved setting up a new remote development environment for myself. My plan was to roll out a hosted version of CVS (Concurrent Versions System) with secure access via SSH. I used OpenSSH on Windows from Network Simplicity, which was easy to install and configure. OpenSSH also includes SCP, a secure copy program, which I am now using to make backups of important information from my laptop to my file server. Totally sweet, I must say.

CVSNT was a bit of a challenge compared to OpenSSH but I did get it installed and running. The final step was to provide remote access to my CVS repository through a secure tunnel using SSH. This has proven to be very challenge and I have yet to finish this goal. I have search the Net over and have learned many others have had the same problems. This is preventing me from building the desired remote development environment, which means I must continue using VPN access to my Visual Source Safe repository.

Not all is lost though. I learned a lot about security, secure access, PKI, OpenSSH and such. And I have a easy to use, fast, secure process for backing up files from my laptop. I am not giving up on the challenge either. I will try again in a couple of weeks when I have more time.

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