Posted by Kirby Turner on May 19, 2002

After spending the last few hours trying to access CVS repository stored on Windows 2000 through SSH, I finally give up. My final conclusion is the CVSNT does not work SSH when CVSNT is on the server-side. From all I have read and seen, CVSNT with SSH works fine with the CVS server is some flavor of Unix. This bums me out because I really don’t care to install Linux at home and I would like to use TortoiseCVS as my WinCVS GUI client.

All is not lost though. I think I can use another WinCVS to access my CVS repository. I was able to successfully access it with the CVS command line using SSPI for Windows authentication. And by using the -x, you can ensure that the network traffic is encrypted. Still, I would rather use SSH.

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