Laptop verses Xbox

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 1, 2003

I have developed a ritual for getting through airport security that includes pulling out my laptop before I get in line. But today was a little different because I am also traveling with my Xbox. Naturally I expected that I would need to pull out the Xbox from its case but no! It’s not a laptop, it’s a game console.

Okay, so I don’t get this. Why is the Xbox treated differently at airport security than a laptop. In my opinion, the two are basically the same with regard to hardware. Both have a hard drive. Both have a CD/DVD reader. Both have an ethernet card. Both have a motherboard, built-in fan…you get the point. What is so special about a laptop that requires one to remove it from the case while an Xbox can remain in the case.

The funny part of my experience, though, was the guy reading the Xray monitor. He could not figure out what it was; the Xbox that is. I mentioned to him that it was an Xbox. He joked that they were going to confiscate it, and I joked back that I would give up the laptop before I gave up the Xbox. Now I have to tell Avanade I need a new laptop.

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