Reflector for .NET

Posted by Kirby Turner on May 22, 2003

A new version of Reflector is out. It is a class browser for .NET components and assemblies. It has a very nice C#/VB decompiler, which seems to be better then Anakrino, imo. Reflector is a must have for .NET devs.

Update: It seems that Reflector does not show private code in the decompiler window whereas Anakrino does. Still, both are nice and both are a must have.

Yet another update: Steve pointed out to me that Reflector will show private code. Go to View Options to enable visibility on private and internal code. And thanks for the pointer Steve.

Lesson learned: I need to play with all features before posting on my blog. On the other hand, the fact that someone pointed out a feature I overlooked after reading my blog is pretty dang cool, and shows the power of weblogging.

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