Firefox 0.9 Available for Download

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 17, 2004

While nothing really new, other than security updates has happened to IE in quite some time, Mozilla has continued work on its next generation web browser called Firefox. Firefox 0.9 is available for download and I feel it is a worth while download.

I have been running Firefox as my default browser for the last 24 hours. I really like tab browsing and how Firefox blocks pop-up windows. It works fine for almost all sites I visit including a Microsoft SharePoint Window Services 2.0 site that I use daily. I don’t get the drop down command list on SharePoint documents like I would in IE but I’m still able to do everything I need with a document through the document design page.

My only complaint to date is when I attempt to open a link in a new window from SharpReader, the RSS aggregator I use. For some reason the web page is displayed in both a Firefox window and an IE window. I doubt this is the fault of SharpReader and is more the fault of the IE component used within SharpReader. In other words, I think the IE component is launching the additional IE window when Firefox is set as my default browser.

Aside from that one problem, I enjoy browsing with Firefox based on my 24 hour experience and will probably keep it as my default browser for a while.

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