GORUCK GR1 Review - First Impressions

Posted by Kirby Turner on May 30, 2012

IMG 6146 My GORUCK GR1 backpack arrived today, and so far I’m very impressed with it. The construction of this bag is top notch, and the bag screams quality. I love the minimalistic look and it’s low profile. It is a little stiff coming right out of the box, but it’s already loosening up after packing and unpacking it a few times and wearing it around the house.

I did a test run packing the GR1, loading it with the clothes (jeans, t-shirts, boxers, socks, rain jacket) and gear (iPad, MacBook Pro 15”, cables, Bose headphones) I plan to take to San Francisco in a couple of weeks. The GR1 had plenty of space for my stuff with room to spare. The true test, of course, comes this weekend when I take it on a camping trip with Rowan.

I have high hopes for this bag. It will be my go to bag for most things I do, from being my main laptop bag to being the bag I take on short trips (7 days or less - I pack light). There is, however, one change I would make to the GR1.

The front, outside pocket is deep enough to hold my iPad, which makes it great especially for air travel. However, the pocket could be about a half inch deeper. There’s room on the bag to make this happen.

Other than this one change, the bag appears to suit my needs perfectly, and I’m very excited to put it to the test this summer.

Side note: Read GR1 Explained for details on the features of this wonderful bag.

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