First Two Trips with GORUCK GR1

I returned from my second trip using the GR1, and I can now say the GORUCK GR1 is now my favorite everyday backpack. My latest trip was to WWDC, and the GR1 kicked ass. I packed everything I needed for the week in the ruck, and I used it as my daypack each day at the conference. I especially like how slim the bag is even when stuffed full. I had no problems sliding it in and out from under the seat on the plane. And the zippers are quiet enough when opening and closing as to not disturb those sitting around me at the conference during talks.

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GORUCK GR1 Review - First Impressions

IMG 6146 My GORUCK GR1 backpack arrived today, and so far I’m very impressed with it. The construction of this bag is top notch, and the bag screams quality. I love the minimalistic look and it’s low profile. It is a little stiff coming right out of the box, but it’s already loosening up after packing and unpacking it a few times and wearing it around the house.

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The Cave Tent

I’m not sure I would buy this tent, but I do like the name. An inflatable tent does sound interesting, but at 11.5 pounds plus a hand pump, I’m not sure it’s for me. Then again, my current “big” tent does take 5 to 10 minutes to setup and teardown.

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