Business Lessons for Computer Geek

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 11, 2005

Earlier today I joked about the lack of jeans and t-shirts at a business related conference. But the ICCA National Conference does have something unique about it. Although everyone here works with computers and many are programmers, the conversations and event topics center around business. There are discussions on improving your marketing strategy, determining the price point, and tricks to grow your business. But today’s talk on creating a strategic plan for your business really hit home with me.

The speaker provider great information on creating a strategic plan and he provided a nice template to follow.

Define your goals - What do you want to achieve? What is the big picture outcome?

For each goal, define the objectives - What are 3 to 5 major measurable accomplishments that need to happen during the planning period?

Define the strategies - What core strategies are needed to attain the objective?

And lastly, define the actions - What could we/should we do to deliver on the strategies?

This got me thinking about my current goal for White Peak Software, and after some dialog with a fellow attendee I came up with the start of my strategic plan.

Establish White Peak Software as a Micro-ISV

Release one new product by the end of 2005
Setup e-commerce and support infrastructure
Attract interest in White Peak Software

Product Release Strategy
Marketing Strategy

To be determined

Obliviously I am not going to spend all day blogging my strategic plan. After all, the conference is still going on and the next session is about to start. My point, however, is that this conference provides a unique opportunity for computer geeks like to me to expand my mind and learn more about running a business.

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