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Posted by Kirby Turner on May 19, 2015

I’ve recently, and “recently” as in the last couple of years, cut back on the number of blog sites I have. I’m down to three sites now, and that seems manageable. The sites are:

  • thecave.com
    That’s this site. It’s my personal blog, and it’s where I post most often. I talk about everything from what’s going on with me personally to snowboarding to programming. The site is broken down into categories, and I have plans to publish an RSS feed for each category so readers can filter out topics they might consider noise.
  • blog.whitepeaksoftware.com
    This is my company blog site. The focus of this site is to talk about the company and the products I sell. Granted I’m doing a horrible job at keeping up with the posts. That’s probably one of the many reasons my stuff doesn’t sell as well as it did a few years back.
  • rowanturner.net
    Yep, my son has his own website. But he has no interest in making posts here, so I do it for him. I usually post pictures and videos of Rowan and his friends off having fun. My mom might be the only person reading this site regularly, but that’s fine. I’ll keep posting because I like looking back on past articles and reliving fun moments with my kid.

These sites each have RSS feeds, so you don’t have to remember to visit. And some day I’ll do a better job of mentioning when new posts are available on the various social networks for those who don’t want to subscribe to the feeds.

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