15 Minutes Of Writing

Posted by Kirby Turner on January 7, 2015

My friend, Greg Raiz, talks about using a system to achieve goals. The particular goal he wants to achieve is writing more.

I’ve tried using a system similar to what Greg describes, but I fail each time I try. My system, or goal as I still often call it, has been to write an hour each day. Writing an hour day, often times more, was easy when I was writing my books, but I can’t seem to get into the routine now that I’m done with book writing (for now). I realized after reading Greg’s post that I’ve been doing it wrong.

Greg’s plan is to write about 100 words a day, or for about 15 minutes a day, which is about the amount of time he needs to write 100 words. And that sounds like a much more reasonable system than writing for an hour a day.

I wish I could write for at least an hour a day, but it’s just not in me to do that right now. Sure, if I were focused on writing a book then I would have no problem writing an hour a day. In fact, I would write more. But writing a book not my focus. Writing apps is my focus. And 15 minutes a day sounds like a perfect way for me to get back into writing.

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