WASTED II Day 7: The Brotherhood

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 8, 2003

Day 7: The Brotherhood:

Another day on Whistler. Another day without new snow. The high pressure system causing the dry, sunny days is expected to stay in place at least through Tuesday. So we decided to make it a short day and had lunch at the Longhorn. Little did we know people, specifically those from the National Brotherhood of Ski, would be at the Longhorn early to reserve tables for the evening party time. By 3 o’clock the line to get in was out the door but we had our table. The bids for our table were numerous and becoming interesting…like the woman who offered to buy us two rounds for rights to the table we left. But we had already promised the table to another group. Oh well. It was still a fun, unique experience at the Longhorn.

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