The Snow Was Better In 2003

Posted by Kirby Turner on March 5, 2015

During our stay in Whistler last week, I kept saying to my wife I thought the snow conditions, which weren’t the best, were about the same as the conditions we experienced in February 2003. Turns out I was wrong.

The conditions in 2003 were much better. The snow was soft, and we did a lot of riding in the bowls. The base might not have been as deep in 2003, but it was certainly better. The hard pack and icy conditions this year limited where we could ride. Really, the only thing that was the same between the two seasons was the lack of new snow.

So how did I finally remember that the snow conditions were better when I was thinking they were the same? I re-read my postings from WASTED II trip, which was held in February 2003. Here are my postings from that trip:

On a related note, a long time local told me that the conditions this years are the worst he has seen since 1986.

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