Argh! Thanks A Lot Apple

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 10, 2015

I woke up at 2:45 am this morning to buy a new Apple Watch. I ordered the 42mm space gray with black sport band Apple Watch Sport, but I’m still annoyed. I got a delivery date of May 13 to May 27, and that annoys me because I was ready to order at 3 am.

I was at my computer trying to load at 3 am, but the site was down. I foolishly kept refreshing the web page for 6 minutes before deciding to try the Apple Store app on my iPhone. The app worked perfectly, and thanks to Apple Pay, the order process was fast. But it was too late to get the watch I wanted in the first set of shipments, and all because I wasted my time trying to use the damn website.

I know, “first world problems.” All I can say is I’m grumpy when I have to use an alarm clock to wake up, and I become more grumpy when my time is wasted because of a website outage after waking up so freakin’ early.

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