Posted by Kirby Turner on April 25, 2004

Melanie and I have a very busy but fun life. With work, travel, events in New York, it is sometimes hard for us to remember were we will be in 6 months. So I setup a web calendar for us to use.

I used open source project WebCalendar, which is a PHP-based calendar application. Setup was a snap thanks to the folks at CrystalTech, which is my hosting provider. Their support of PHP and MySql made getting the site up and running very easy. However, I did have to make one change to the code.

Inside of init.php is a number of “include-once” statements. Each of these statements refer to the a file in the “includes” directory such as “includes/translate.php”. To make the site work correctly within the server environment I had to remove the “includes/” string literal portion of the “include-once” statements. I did not have to make any other changes to get the application running from the shared server.

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