MSN Alerts for Xbox Live

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 12, 2004

Microsoft recently announced MSN Alerts for Xbox Live users. It works by linking your Messager account with your Xbox Live gametag. You can receive alerts for game invites, friend requests, know when friends sign in, and more. Sounds cool but unfortunately I use Trillian as my IM client.

Trillian is awesome in that it is a single IM chat interface for different IM services such as AIM, Messager, ICQ, and Yahoo. With Trillian I no longer need to run different IM programs. Instead I run one program and it communicates with the different services. The only beef I have with Trillian is the lack of support for MSN Alerts, but I’m sure that has more to do with Microsoft then with the Trillian folks. And as much as I like the concept of MSN Alerts I’m not going to give up Trillian.

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