A Practical Guide to XP

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 3, 2003

I just finished reading the book A Practical Guide to eXtreme Programming, which I found to be very refreshing and motivating. Although I have heard a lot about XP over the years I didn’t really understand it completely or know all of the principals and practices of the process. I found it interesting that many of the concepts are things I believe in today although admittedly I tend not to follow. Testing first is one example. I have worked on one project where I used this approach but I have to change and start doing it for all projects.

One myth about XP cleared up for me after reading this book was around documentation or more specially the misbelief that XP prompts no documentation. I have heard this mentioned by others in the past but didn’t know what the real story was to debate it. The truth is that XP does in fact encourage documentation but only the right amount of documentation.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in XP and to opponents of XP who have not read a complete book on the process.

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