Xbox Live

Posted by Kirby Turner on November 9, 2003

I am finally enjoying the Xbox Live experience with two new games, Top Spin and Amped 2. Both games are a blast and both have quickly become my favorites. But what I really like about both is the online play through Xbox Live.

With Top Spin, you need to play offline in career mode to build up your player. As you improve your skills you can play online in the official matches. When you win a match online your total points increase, and your total points will decrease when you lose a match to someone ranked lower than you. Your player’s total points make up your total ranking. And with Xbox Live you can see your ranking against other players. And these folks are good, very good. The play is much harder than against the AI offline.

Amped 2 online play is a lot of fun too but in a different way. There are two modes, Just Ride and Session. Just Ride lets you free ride with others on various mountains. You can even set it up to ride with just your friends (or your crew). The online chat is a nice combo with Amped 2 because you can talk with one another as you play. I can’t tell you much about the Session mode as I have not played that mode yet. And like Top Spin, Amped 2 will rank you against other online players so you can see how you stack up against other real players.

My favorite aspects of the two games online are: 1) I love the competition with other real players in Top Spin, and 2) I love the online chat with friends and others in Amped 2. It’s fun chatting with others about different real mountains, talking about what has just opened, and where snow has recently dumped.

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