Tools of Choice

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 10, 2004

Lately I have seen a handful of developers blog the list of tools they use so I’ve decided to do the same. Here are the ones that come to mind because I use them daily.

Eudora Pro
My e-mail reader of choice. I configure it for text base only so I don't have to worry about all the problems associated with HTML based readers.

VS.NET 2003
My primary development IDE. I've become a sucker for Intellisense.

My text editor of choice and the tool I use to write small snippet code. My only compliant is the lack of Unicode support, which prevents me from selecting MultiEdit as my IDE of choice.

Enhances the VS.NET editor with templates and other useful features. Makes up for the fact that I don't use MultiEdit daily any more.

I don't write a line of production code these days without first writing a unit test. NUnit has changed my programming life.

I gave up on VSS long time ago and exclusive lock source control. CVS is a great repository and TortoiseCVS makes working with CVS repository a breeze.

This tool allows me to review the internals of an assembly. The decompiler is great especially when working with generated code or trying to trouble shoot a problem with a 3rd party assembly.

NAnt is an open source build tool that allows me to write build scripts in XML. I find that for more complex applications NAnt is much better for building applications then VS.NET. Plus, it can also send e-mails, retrieve latest source code from a repository, and more.

WinCV is a class view for the .NET Framework and comes with the .NET Framework SDK. I use it to find all sorts of things about the framework and it's much faster then the MSDN documentation.

Beyond Compare
This is a great tool for comparing files or directory of files. It will even compare files on your local machine with an FTP server. And best of all it has merge and synch features.

SQL Query Analyzer
I know it is probably old skool but I still use the query analyzer for much of my SQL Server work.

This tool from Simon Fell is a must have when you want to see what is going on the wire when calling a web service. And I can't imagine writing a SOAP extension without it.

I don't read blogs as often as I would like but when I do I use SharpReader.

This is an unsupported tool from Microsoft that is a copy command on steroids. I use it daily to backup my laptop to an external hard drive.

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