Pack Unpack Repeat

Posted by Kirby Turner on August 18, 2012

With only 5 days left before I start my hike, I spent the day packing and unpacking my backpack. To my surprise, every thing fit. But also to my surprise, the unofficial total weight is 45 pounds. This includes food and water. I was hoping my total weight would be 5 to 10 pounds less.

Not much I can do about it now other than to leave some gear behind. I’m planning to weigh each item on Monday, and will decide what absolutely needs to go and what can stay behind. I doubt, though, I will see much reduction of in weight. Some of my gear, such as my sleeping bag, are in desperate need of an upgrade.

My sleeping bag is 15 years year, and is much heavier than what I would buy today. But a new sleeping bag is not in my future anytime soon. With luck, and a change in our finical situation, I might be able to buy a lighter, better sleeping bag.

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