Microsoft C# Beta Exam 71-320

Posted by Kirby Turner on June 24, 2002

I just completed the latest Microsoft C# Beta Exam: 71-320 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with C#. This exam is much harder than the previous one I took, which I did pass. Unlike the previous exam, this one focuses on server-side work with Web services, server components, and Windows services.

Those planning to take this test should know about Web setup projects, strongly typed dataset, implementing and debugging Windows services, COM+, transactional Web services, .NET remoting, remote component deployment, publisher policies, and lots of ADO.NET with SQL Server. The questions that surprised me the most were ones related to strongly typed dataset. These questions asked specific questions about the XML Schema for the dataset and how to manipulate the schema, apply constraints, and setting relationships.

Overall, I am sure I failed this test. And it has made me realize how little I know about the .NET Framework specifically in the area of remoting. Time for me to crack open more books and write more advanced applications and services with .NET and C#.

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