An Xbox Support Scam?

Posted by Kirby Turner on February 23, 2003

Earlier today I called the Xbox support number and talked with a woman about my options for repair of my Xbox. The cost was $99, which included shipping. As a matter of fact, she told me they would send me a box to ship my Xbox back to the service center. Not sure if I wanted to repair or replace, she said I could call back and give my ticket number to complete the repair request.

So I thought about it a bit and even talked to Melanie to get her opinion. I decided that spending $100 dollars was better than $200, so I call the support number back. This time though I was told a different story. First, it is going to cost $99 plus tax plus shipping bringing my total to $145. Then to top that, the guy said for another $50 I could buy an extended warranty for my already defective Xbox. And I have to wait to get my Xbox back should I go with a repair.

EBGames sells factory reconditioned Xbox for $150. So now the question is do I pay $145 to have my Xbox repaired or $150 to get a reconditioned one, which mine will be after the repair. If I buy the reconditioned one, I can have it by Tuesday. If I repair my Xbox, I have to wait at least two weeks. And let’s not forget I can pay $200 to repair my console and get an extended warranty, or I can pay $200 for a new Xbox with two Sega games.

I’m starting to think repairing my Xbox is a scam, especially now that I am being told that I have to pay for shipping. Guess if I had told the first person that I wanted to repair the unit I would not have to pay for shipping, but since I waited 2 hours, now I have to pay. I don’t get it. Maybe I will go back to playing my Playstation/2.

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