Posted by Kirby Turner on April 16, 2002

What UDDI is not? It is not an execution environment for web services.

Recently I have had a number of conversations regarding UDDI and the implementation of private UDDI nodes within the enterprise. During these talks, I’ve noticed a common misunderstanding with regard to UDDI at runtime. It seems that many think of UDDI at runtime as a means to execute a web service. However, UDDI is not an execution environment but one of a number of ways to discovery services.

There are some interesting uses of UDDI at runtime though. One use is to determine the end point to a web service at runtime. This eliminates the need to hard code the end point address in the application. This type of abstraction layer could be used to provide greater reliability within the application in much the same way DNS provides greater reliability verses direct use of an IP address.

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