My 8 Week Goals

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 29, 2007

I have talked about White Peak Software being a product company for the last couple of years, but the transition from services to products has been challenging. I’m working on a new email program call Vertigo but progress has been slow for various reasons. I learned trying to get a product like Vertigo out the door at single person software company is a huge challenge especially when you rely on services work to bootstrap any R&D; work.

What I need is a different approach, so 8 weeks ago I came up with a set of short term goals to start building momentum towards being a product company. Tomorrow is the last day of the 8 weeks and I’m happy to say I reached my goals as of today. It hasn’t been easy especially over the last couple of weeks which has had me working 14 hour days, but momentum is finally starting to build.

Over the last 8 weeks I released an update to SMTP Diagnostics and published a new product called Killink CSV. I have also made numerous improvements to the White Peak Software web sites including a fully integrated store front. More work is needed but things are off to a good start.

My next challenge is to sustain and build on top of the momentum started over the past 8 weeks. This means a new set of goals for the next 8 weeks. The new goals include:

* At least 2 product releases
* Sell at least 20 units of my products

Key to the next 8 weeks is selling 20 units. This means not only getting updates to Killink CSV out the door but making improvements on the marketing side. Currently, my plans include a press release campaign and Google AdWords. I also plan to do a better job monitoring conversion rates and web site traffic, something I have ignored over the last year and a half.

My motivation level is high and will only get higher as sales increase. But even with a high level of motivation I must do a better job managing my time during the next 8 weeks. I’ve been working 14 days recently and it’s starting to wear on me…and on my wife too.

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