SnowReport Service Passes WS-I Test

Posted by Kirby Turner on April 24, 2003 recently published a set of test tools for XML Web services. These tools test for conformance with the WS-I’s Basic Profile. For fun, I decided to test my Snow Report Service.

Configuration of the Analyzer is straight forward. Starting with the sample analyzerConfig.xml, I commented out the and created a new , pointing the references to my Snow Report service. I ran the analyzer test and my service failed the tests.

Analyzer produces a report of the test in XML, which can be viewed in a user friendly format using your browser. I quickly saw from the report that the test could not find my that I have declared in a separate schema file that is imported into the WSDL. And sure enough, there was a problem. I had forgotten to include the namespace reference on the element in my WSDL document. A simple change to <s> and all was well. My service passes the WS-I Basic Profile test.

In theory, my service should interop with other platforms. I have had no problem consuming the service from Java. However, WSDL2Java from Axis still fails. Apparently it does not support the </s> element. The only way I can generate the Java based proxy classes using WSDL2Java is to include the types schema in the WSDL document as a single file. Hopefully that will be fix some day.

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