Posted by Kirby Turner on April 20, 2002

Over the years, I have read a lot about the Open Source “movement” and I have been a fan even though I never really participated in an open source effort. I have written a number of freeware applications in my time and now I wish those efforts had been open source.

A lot of cool things have come out of the Open Source community. The one area that has me totally jazzed is the development tools such as CVS, TortoiseCVS, and These products are amazing and have me wondering why these great development aids are not used in larger corporations.

I understand not relying on open source for mission critical applications that businesses depend on to survive and gain their competitive advantage. And for years I have worked with companies where the IT staff consistently complain about working with inefficient development tools such as Visual SourceSafe. But tools like these do make sense in the corporate environment. Speaking for one developer, myself, I would be happy if these tools were part of my daily development environment.

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