It's Surreal

Posted by Kirby Turner on January 26, 2006

My wife and I have actually moved from New York City to Salem, Massachusetts. It’s still a bit surreal for us. As we were driving out of the city yesterday, it didn’t feel like we were really leaving. It felt more like we were making a quick trip and will be returning in a few days. I think it will hit me in a few days that we’re not returning to the city to live. Then again it might take longer for that to happen since I will be returning to New York next week for a meeting.

The move was the smoothest and easiest move I have ever made. The movers from Oz Moving were outstanding. I highly recommend using Oz.

The only problem that occurred yesterday was a flat tire in Connecticut. The moving truck got a flat on I-95 which delayed their arrival into Salem. But they did arrive. We got everything unloaded, and now all that awaits us is the process of unpacking.

Update (September 13, 2012): Oz Moving’s web site is There is no link here because they asked me to remove the link. Seems odd to me that they would make such a request, especially since I’m recommending them, but still, the link has been removed.

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